Controversial decision by Trump sparks debates over articles of impeachment.

Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters


In a controversial decision Trump fires his FBI Director citing the Deputy Attorney General’s  recommendation which based on the Hillary Clinton email scandal. This decision was made after the investigation on Trump’s tie with Russia.

Donald Trump hosted top Russian foreign affairs officials this week, and possibly leaked classified information (which wouldn’t count as leaking due to the President being in charge of the classification complex).  All of this comes at an increasingly bad time for the Trump administration. Continue reading “Controversial decision by Trump sparks debates over articles of impeachment.”


They need our help

The Emergency chief executor Stephen O’Brien in the UN has now said that the world is about to face the biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945. The hunger around the world is growing.

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Photo: United Nations

In Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria 20 million people are on their way starving to death. All the countries are victims of terror, violence, and war, and the population has had to get out flight. They are traveling around, not knowing when to get any kind of food next.


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His fight for the LGBT community

Gisle A. Gjevestad Agledahl is the man behind the new documentary coming this autumn at NRK titled “Jævla homo”. He wants to present the homosexual in 2017, and how many are fighting a battle every day just because of their sexual orientation.

Photo: Kim Erlandsen/NRK

Gisle has a take on this case. He informs us about how he’s afraid of holding hands with his own boyfriend. Society labels him solely as “homo” or “gay”, perhaps different.  He’s afraid of the people among and their prejudices. Most grew up with a concept of what is “normal”. It’s the boy and girl thing.

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