Controversial decision by Trump sparks debates over articles of impeachment.

Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters


In a controversial decision Trump fires his FBI Director citing the Deputy Attorney General’s  recommendation which based on the Hillary Clinton email scandal. This decision was made after the investigation on Trump’s tie with Russia.

Donald Trump hosted top Russian foreign affairs officials this week, and possibly leaked classified information (which wouldn’t count as leaking due to the President being in charge of the classification complex).  All of this comes at an increasingly bad time for the Trump administration. Continue reading “Controversial decision by Trump sparks debates over articles of impeachment.”


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16-year-old pupil records friends having intercourse


Photo: Perzonseo Webbyra https://perzonseowebbyra.se/

On the cold nights of December 2016, A 16-year old girl took a disturbing three-second video of her 17-year old friends having sexual intercourse which she posted to the Social media application referred as Snapchat, all of her 200+ contacts saw the story.

At her friend’s house the 16-year old teenager filmed her two 17-year-old friends having sexual intercourse and posted it on the social media app Snapchat, the story quickly spread with screenshots and posts of it on Facebook and many other social media application.

Approximately, two hours after the incident the two 17-year-olds requested the 16-year-old to delete the clip, but it was too late.

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