Controversial decision by Trump sparks debates over articles of impeachment.

Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters


In a controversial decision Trump fires his FBI Director citing the Deputy Attorney General’s  recommendation which based on the Hillary Clinton email scandal. This decision was made after the investigation on Trump’s tie with Russia.

Donald Trump hosted top Russian foreign affairs officials this week, and possibly leaked classified information (which wouldn’t count as leaking due to the President being in charge of the classification complex).  All of this comes at an increasingly bad time for the Trump administration. The dismissal of acting AG Sally Yates, for standing up to Trump and now Comey for the investigation into Trump it’s not looking good for him.

Numerous Republicans and Democrats have said they wanted to investigate this issue further, either through a Special Prosecutor or an independent select-committee in Congress.

In the polarized and sugar coated world of U.S. Politics many congressmen are using the word “impeachment” which could see the Trump administration as one of the shortest and maybe the first impeachment of a President. Many are drawing the line between Richard Nixon and the watergate scandal, Bill Clinton on Obstruction of Justice cases that lead to impeachments.

With that being said, there’s still a long way to go for Donald Trump to be impeached, he first needs to get an actual impeachment vote presented in the House of Representatives which require a majority of the House of Reps and then it passes to the U.S. Senate for a trial and a conviction or acquittal which would require 2/3rds in a Republican Congress. But if Donald Trump resigns after articles of impeachment being brought and before he’s acquitted he would be nixon barred for resigning facing an impeachment.

There’s still a lot that can happen but the fact that this is even discussed in Congress with a big Republican majority is really fascinating. He might just be just bad enough to be abandoned by his own party.

EDIT: There has been a Special Counsel appointed by the Deputy Attorney General in the acting capacity as Attorney General with a broad powerful appointment and a lot of experience in his past this could very well lead to an impeachment.


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