They need our help

The Emergency chief executor Stephen O’Brien in the UN has now said that the world is about to face the biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945. The hunger around the world is growing.

27389209616_85b875a431_z (2)
Photo: United Nations

In Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria 20 million people are on their way starving to death. All the countries are victims of terror, violence, and war, and the population has had to get out flight. They are traveling around, not knowing when to get any kind of food next.


Most of the nuisance is man-made, and the wars and conditions around are making it difficult for the emergency aid to get to crisis areas. That is one of the biggest problems, the ones in crises don’t get help in time. The help doesn’t have enough resources or even get to reach out to the right places. In Yemen, a child dies every tenth minute because of reasons we easily could prevent in a country like an example Norway, but they don’t have any food nor the medicine needed. Now is the time to care, they need our help so they can have a hope for a next meal. The numbers and statistics are already high, and in addition, they are expected to get even higher by just a few months. In the sense of our heads, it should scream for you that your job in this situation is just a little help. A contribution from you to the people in need.

Truls Brekke (2017, 10. May) 20 millioner sulter. Unicef. Retrieved from


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