His fight for the LGBT community

Gisle A. Gjevestad Agledahl is the man behind the new documentary coming this autumn at NRK titled “Jævla homo”. He wants to present the homosexual in 2017, and how many are fighting a battle every day just because of their sexual orientation.

Photo: Kim Erlandsen/NRK

Gisle has a take on this case. He informs us about how he’s afraid of holding hands with his own boyfriend. Society labels him solely as “homo” or “gay”, perhaps different.  He’s afraid of the people among and their prejudices. Most grew up with a concept of what is “normal”. It’s the boy and girl thing.

You can ask why, but remembering every Disney movie with the prince and princess, the happy family in the Coca-Cola commercials. The standards are everywhere, and looking at the statistics too, we see that behind the kind and liberal country it’s not the whole truth. Under the sugar-coated surface, we can see that most of us aren’t comfortable with seeing two people of the same sex kissing in public. Why? Is it because it isn’t fitting with “normal”? The perceptions of gays are now placed in the Norwegian community, like getting married in the church. So, what’s missing now is the acceptance from every Norwegian. We need to change our look at what’s “normal”.

Hoping to bespeak our country he is lighting an important theme. Maybe his documentary and involvement could be with to change the way of thinking around our country. Gisle is a man we will see a lot of forwards, and it looks like he has more projects to show us further.

Gisle A. Gjevestad Agledahl (2017, 02. May). Ingen er bare en «jævla homo». NRK Ytring. Retrieved from https://www.nrk.no/ytring/ingen-er-bare-en-_jaevla-homo_-1.13411948


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