Griezmann approaches new club after crazy achievements

Photo: Irene Martin Marquez

The extreme talent Antoine Griezmann. If you’re interested in football, I’m sure you’ve heard about this amazing football player. He is one of Europa’s best strikers. Almost all of the world’s best football clubs have him on the top of the wishlist. He has signed for Atlético Madrid until 2021 but it looks like he would like to change club very soon.

Griezmann is the definition of a goal machine. He is one of the top scorers in La Liga right now with 16 impressive goals and 11 assists. Because of his speed, agility, and well-working defense he has become a modern attacker, which is very difficult to play against. He will cost almost one billion dollars to buy free from his new contract. Manchester United is one of the clubs who is willing to break their own transitional record to secure him.

Petter Myhre. 25.4.2017. Hevder Griezmann nærmer seg United, En av Europas beste spisser. Tv2.



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